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Assistant Manager, Commercial Development

Peterson Companies is seeking an experienced Assistant Manager to work with the Commercial Development Team.  The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3 years general contractor experience (3-5 years preferred).   The initial assignments will be primarily the construction and renovation of office tenant interior improvement work.   Qualified candidates should send their resume and cover letter with salary requirements to

Reports to:            Manager, Commercial Development

Assists:                    Project Manager, Accountant, Sales and Leasing persons; Property Management staff; others in Dept. involved with assigned project(s)

General Statement of Duties

The Assistant Manager of Commercial Development is responsible for managing all design, permitting, and construction aspects of assigned projects from feasibility through design and construction, including delivery to the customer and hand-off to property management.  The Assistant Manager is to ensure that these activities occur on time, for the least cost, and with the proper level of quality.  This position supervises, coordinates, and communicates the activities of engineers, architects, contractors, and utility companies, as well as supports the development project manager and customer representative(s).  He or she must identify and respond to customer needs and requirements to ensure project success.  The individual must assertively and professionally represent the company and its interests at all times.

Specific Duties

Pre-development Assistance

  • Assist and facilitate lease negotiations, providing technical review and assistance, exhibits, budgets and schedules as required.

Budgeting and Cost Control

  • Assist with preparation of accurate and realistic budgets.
  • Solicit input from contractors and consultants at an early stage of design.
  • During construction, prepare and keep current a monthly Construction Cost Report (“PCO Report”). Ensure that all actual or potential change orders and or claims are reflected.
  • Take aggressive and creative action within all design, permitting, and construction activities to minimize total project costs consistent with the objectives of the project and the Project Manager.
  • Constantly validate that construction budget is adequate to cover all anticipated expenditures.
  • Review and approve consultant & contractor invoices regularly to ensure valid, accurate and verify that all payments due are made on time as required by contracts.
  • Prepare or approve tenant improvement allowance, escrow billings, or other billings to customers.
  • Meet regularly with project accountant to review job status, questions, invoices, new expenditures, etc.  Confirm that the accountant has a complete and accurate cost picture of the project, projected to completion.


  • Prepare preliminary schedules for leasing and sales proposals which address design, permitting, construction, and occupancy milestones and flag unusual constraints.  Schedules should be professional in appearance (usually in MS Project) and comprehensive but brief…one page is preferred.
  • Monitor schedules monthly and keep team members updated.
  • Cause contractors to monitor schedule progress and take corrective action when necessary.

Design Phase Activities

  • Hire, supervise and coordinate the work of multiple design firms including architect, land planner, civil engineer, and geotechnical engineers, and other specialized consultants as required.
  • Arrange geotechnical investigations  if required and oversee the drafting of recommendations for feasibility and suitability.
  • Review design as it evolves and provide direction to:
    • Identify and implement cost reductions
    • Minimize errors or gaps that will cause change orders
    • Ensure constructability and quality in the completed product
    • Keep designers work in conformance with our budget
    • Ensure that designers adhere to project development schedules
    • Manage design fees / costs.
    • Provide guidance to designers regarding the Owner’s objectives for the project.
    • Coordinate/expedite design of work by public utility companies and offsite roads or transportation issues as required by the project.

Permit Phase Activities

  • Make or coordinate applications for all site and building permits;
  • Follow up on permit review status and address any comments or questions.
  • Communicate with plan reviewers and consultants to expedite the permits and obtain permits as required by project schedule.

Construction Contract Administration

  • Bid / Negotiate / Award / Administer all contracts in accordance with department and company policy and procedures.
  • Know and understand all contractor obligations.
  • Chair weekly contractor meetings on site and ensure that meeting minutes are prepared and distributed.
  • Inspect the quality and progress of work on a regular basis.
  • Accept or reject quality of the work and the performance of the contractor.
  • Keep inspectors informed of project status and address any concerns.
  • Respond to contractor questions and problems in a timely manner.
  • Review and negotiate all change orders.
  • Coordinate the work of multiple contractors onsite.
  • Educate the contractors and consultants on how their work and contractual obligations relate to our customer’s needs.
  • Cause the contractor to keep the site clean, safe, and in conformance with applicable government regulations.
  • Review, approve, and process contractor requisitions in a timely manner.
  • Assume a ‘tough but fair’ tone in all that we do; regularly and visibly demonstrate appreciation for all vendors.

Public Utility Company Coordination

  • Coordinate during project design with all utilities including electric, gas, telephone, CATV, water, storm and sanitary sewer.
  • Ensure that utility companies prepare relocation plans, new service routing plans, easements, cost estimates, etc., in a timely manner. Review / Approve / Process all.
  • Communicate customer requirements with various utilities frequently during design and construction to ensure each is fully informed with the requirements and schedule of the development.
  • Assist customer with applying for utility services.

Public Transportation Agency Coordination

  • Coordinate, during project design, public transportation agency issues such as public road access, street improvements, traffic signals (if required).
  • Apply for and process permits required for site development.Initiate inspections by agencies and complete bond release items.

Customer Service

  • Coordinate specific and/or technical requirements and obligations with the customer.
  • Keep the customer fully informed of the status of the project with frequent verbal updates and monthly, written construction status reports.
  • Assist the customer as they begin to occupy their new facility.
  • Ensure that the customer is satisfied with the condition of their facility. Complete punch lists in a timely manner and secure written sign-off of the same.
  • Respond to warranty issues.
  • Facilitate customer turnover to property management.

Bond Release

  • Initiate inspections by various agencies holding bonds.
  • Coordinate completion of bond release items.
  • Coordinate with the bond administrator, the status of the bond release work and the projected date for completion.

Public Relations

  • Organize a regular appreciation luncheon or other appropriate events with contractors and consultants.Communicate with neighbors adjacent to the development to keep them informed of the status of the project and address any concerns they may have.
  • Maintain the professional reputation and image of the company at all times.

Security Clearance

  • A Top Secret – SCI Security Clearance is a requirement of this position. It will be necessary to submit required paperwork for Government review and comply with request for interviews and background investigations.   Should the Security Clearance not be granted by the US Government, employment may be terminated.
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