Ion International Training Center to open in June. Here’s a look inside the Leesburg ice and concert arena.


When we last checked in with Mitra Setayesh and Luiz Taifas, the couple behind the Ion International Training Center within Leesburg’s Compass Creek development had enthusiastic partners, a graded site and an L.F. Jennings construction trailer, and that was about it.

Nine months later, and less than a month from opening day, they have a full-fledged ice skating venue, minus the ice (as of May 2). But it’s coming together, with 18 crews working feverishly to install the final pieces of the $25 million, 90,000-square-foot project — the showers and locker rooms, 3,500 seats (those were on a boat from China, approaching Baltimore, during our visit), workout equipment, concessions, the lounge.


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